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Intrepid Wealth Partners is leading the way as the Virtual Financial Advisor business of the future.

By combining robust technology with human advisors we are helping improve all aspects of financial, investment, and insurance planning for our clients. 

What does it mean to be "Intrepid"?  We think it means to be a Leader, to be Bold, Dynamic, Adventurous, and Spirited.  No wonder we have developed a cutting edge way to work with our clients, regardless of where they and we are physically located.

Our passion is helping people enjoy life through helping people learn about and learn to love their money.  We specialize in working with Entrepreneurs, Founders, Business Owners, Startup Employees, and their families.

We love working with creative people who are trying to make the world a better place through the problems they are solving.  We understand the risks you take, the long hours you work, and the sacrifices you make to create something of value.

To support the entrepreneurial community, our founder created Intrepid Charitable Partners, a charity (private foundation) that receives a percentage of profits from Intrepid Wealth Partners each year to give back to causes we are passionate about.  Giving to those venturing into the world of being an entrepreneur, we are closing the loop from startup to community, exponentially impacting our communities through this process.

Currently we support the following causes:

  • Wisconsin YES Competition
  • Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship, South Africa

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    The #1 reason people don't realize their hopes, dreams & goals is because they fail to plan for them.

    People Don't Plan to Fail, They Fail to Plan 

    By collaborating with our team of expert advisors to build an actionable financial plan, you will increase the likelihood of getting all that you want out of life. 

    We use a "Results by Design" financial planning process. Focusing on specific results, the design of your plan allows us to see in advance which solutions are best suited for your situation, helping you realize your goals. 



    We learn about and help you crystallize your hopes, dreams & goals 


    We analyze & test your current financial situation to see if it will meet future needs 


    We test multiple ways you can manage your money to find the lowest cost, lowest risk ways of reaching your goals


    We agree on customized solutions based upon the results of our analysis


    We help you implement the solutions from your financial plan 

    We also work closely with your existing tax & legal counsel, working together with the common goal of helping you. 

    To do this type of planning we charge a planing fee (see below) so there are no surprises. You pay nothing up front. We use a financial planning agreement that spells out what we will do, what the fee is, and will not invoice you for the financial plan unless your are 100% happy & satisfied with the end result. 

    Fair Enough?

    Once we have completed your financial plan and you feel comfortable with us and our process, we can help you take action by implementing the solutions.

    We believe a sound financial plan is the foundation to financial success, and more importantly an enjoyable life.

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    About Our Founder


    Derek N.H. Notman, CFP®


    I am married to my lovely wife Amanda.  We have a 7 year old son (going on 16!) Neary, and a rescue dog, Barley, who is an English Setter that we rescued from Lebanon!  We love to travel, meet new people, and try new and different types of food. 

    Learn more about me and the Intrepid team here.

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    Our Logo


    Sic Viresco:  "Thus I Flourish"

    This is the motto our founder's family has used for generations.  The picture of the oak tree in our logo is part of our founder's family crest which symbolizes strength, stability, and prosperity, all while pursuing new growth. 

    We believe this statement, "Thus I Flourish", encapsulates everything it means to be an entrepreneur.

    This tree symbolizes how we work with you, providing a solid footing while helping pursue, protect, and manage new wealth.

    Learn more about how we help people flourish here.

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