The Virtual Financial Advisor Model - The Best of Both Worlds:

Robust Technology Combined With A Human Advisor

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Tell us what is important to you.

What stage of life & business are you in?

What is the single most important thing you want your money to do for you?

We build a highly customized financial & investment plan for you.

Based on your hopes, dreams & goals for the future we leverage robust technology with our expertise to build an actionable plan for you.

We then implement and monitor.

Once you are set up we continue to monitor and adjust your strategies as life happens.


Our mission:

To help our clients realize their hopes, dreams & goals

by providing the most life enhancing experience

as the leading virtual financial advisor practice in the USA 




Who We Help

We have found that our expertise is best leveraged by people who have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Married with children or would like to get married and have children

  • Enjoy traveling and experiencing new things

  • Comfortable with and embrace technology

  • Have taken calculated risks in their business or career

  • View & use money as a tool, not the end all be all, to do the things that are important to them

  • Have household incomes over $100,000 or expect to in the next 2-3 years

  • Have created or expect to create wealth through an exit from a business transaction

These people tend to be in the following areas of profession:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Founders/Business Owners

  • Employee's with Stock Options

  • C-Level Executives

Ultimately, we love working with people who are passionate about pursuing their hopes, dreams, and goals and want help managing their money to realize all that is important to them.  If you have hopes, dreams, and goals and want expert and passionate advice to realize them, then there is a good chance we can work together.

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Our References*

Matt Howard

CEO & Co-Founder, EatStreet

Tyler Marklein

Senior Director of Sales at Healthfinch

Zachary Blumenfeld

COO & Co-Founder at ThirdSpace

Seth Braddock

CEO & Co-Founder, Kilter Rewards

Robert & Diana Missroon

Co-Founders at

Precision Architectural As-Built Services Inc.

Tom Still

President, Wisconsin Technology Council

Corey Digman

Founder & Personal Trainer, Digman Fitness

Dr. Yijun Huang

Co-Founder & CTO, EyeKor, Inc

John Hlavac

Founder, JLH & Associates

Charles Neider

Co-Founder & Attorney at Neider & Boucher

Tim Nott

Co-Founder, Mobile Igniter

Cindy Boudreau

Co-Founder, Ice Cream Depot

Dominic DiMarco

Co-Founder, Mobile Igniter

Paul Temple

Attorney, AlphaTech Counsel

Mark Meester

CAO, Pharmasset (Acquired by Gilead)

Frank Covelli

Former Managing Partner at NYL

Jesse Snyder

Co-Founder & CEO, Transaction Resources, Inc.

Vivek Deshpande

Co-Founder, Arbuda

Grant Bell

Senior Vice President at Marsh

George Arida

Founder & Managing Partner at 30Ventures

Why Work With Us? Get Started

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*The above list of references were chosen at random, all of them being familiar with the advisor and the process used with clients, yet not all of them are clients of Intrepid Wealth Partners.  It is not known whether the listed references approved or disapproved of the adviser or the advisory services provided.

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